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How do you drive business results?

By changing someone’s behavior.

Think about it. Every successful marketing or advertising campaign is designed to create change—that is, change how someone thinks, feels or acts. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness, improve perception or modify a buying behavior, it’s all about change.

Changing behavior is both an art and a science. And it involves a 360 approach to media. At Neathawk360, we craft modern media moments driven from wraparound insights designed to connect with consumers and heighten brand experiences.

Neathawk360 combines our best-in-class expertise in media, analytics, digital marketing and design, on one team. We focus on the consumer’s experience - ensuring that we engage the right person at every stage of the marketing funnel, with the end goal of building a wider base of loyal customers.

We strongly believe in leveraging data to drive a desired action, but we never lose sight of the human being behind it because deeply empathizing with an audience is the key to creating the experiences people have with brands.




How We Do It

Our team's mission is to understand how people connect with brands and what motivates them to buy, so we can create innovative, relevant media solutions to inspire, engage and change consumer behavior. For us, this is all about understanding the consumer’s mindset and being in those moments when change can happen – at every opportunity we can.

We call these Modern Media Moments.

Every strategy and tactic we utilize is designed to deliver a message via a channel that is specifically tailored to that individual — and can be measured, monitored and modified using the most innovative and forward-thinking media tactics available.

We are well versed in all forms of media, which allows our 360 planners to take a holistic and media-agnostic view when defining the best media moments that align with your target.

Day in the Life

We illustrate those moments through personas and “Day in the Life” examples of how behavior change can occur as your target audience moves throughout their day.

We are meticulous about our work, nerds about the data, and we love to collaborate and share ideas with our clients and partners. 

From the kickoff session all the way through recapping a campaign, we’ll take an active role in every step:

  • Defining marketing objectives
  • Analyzing target audiences
  • Establishing a measurement strategy with KPIs directly tied to business goals
  • Planning, negotiating and placing multimedia campaigns
  • Monitoring and optimizing performance throughout the campaign
  • Delivering detailed reporting
  • Sharing audience insights to inform future campaigns

At Neathawk360, we challenge convention and always operate in beta to take full advantage of emerging media opportunities and real-time campaign insights to increase ROI.

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